19/08/09 this is a newer image of this little painting which has been slightly reworked.


El estudio esta tarde...

New paintings...

Here are a number of number paintings...mostly 46x38cm and oil on canvas (with the occasional collaged element). All these works obviously have there origins in the drawings and works on paper I made at the CCA in Andratx.


Swarms the moth

"Everything is one. Space and time, color, sound, and form are just ways of perception which originate from the mortal structure of our minds….The dead man does not know space and time and color,or he knows them only to the extent that he still ‘lives’ in the memory of the living. He himself has been delivered from all partial sensations. With death there begins that kind of being properly speaking, around which we, the living, restlessly swarm, like the moth swarms around the light.”

Franz Marc