Three drawings

Photography usually only operates on one level. It is purely visual. The camera - an extension of the eye that is almost the passive receptor of the endless flow of ever accumulating images. A drawing or painting of a certain kind can be something really very different. It can integrate the eye with all our senses. One's body, through its movement is an interface with a manifold sensorial reality. Our hands see. Our eyes touch in a particular way the surface of paper. Something is brought into being...it is not just an image or representation (that would be too virtual). It is a kind of realm where one responds to the world in a special way. Through time the drawing unfolds, texture, the span of the hand (an intuitive measuring), the tensing of mortal muscle and bone. Flow and friction of the drawing implement on surface. Our mind should not be plagued by concepts here. Instead, through the making (and the viewing) of such works and processes it should learn how to attune these experiences of the here and now, collect them and learn how to see and feel them in a more intense way.

November - Bernhard, 2009, coloured pencil and holes on paper, 32.5x25cm

Shadows - Tree, 2009, coloured pencil and hole on paper, 32.5x25cm

Time Tree, 2009, coloured pencil and holes on paper, 32.5x25cm