But shadow enlivened by atoms of sunlight
Constantly crisscrossed by sleepless flies.

Francis Ponge from Mute Objects of Expression


Hoy en el estudio...

Two paintings practically finished. In fact, the darker of the two (shown at an earlier stage on the blog) really is finished. Both are oil, spray paint and collage on linen:


Two Fold Frame

... A twofold frame of body and mind./
The state to which I now allude was one/
In which the eye was master of the heart,/
When that which is in every single stage of life/
The most despotic of our senses gained/
Such strength in me as often held my mind/
In absolute dominion.

William Wordsworth, The Prelude


Studio today

Klezmer Tango

What I like about Tango is the way it threads different elements together: something highly refined, something very raw, different traditions, Spanish, Italian, French, Jewish....Jazz, the classical tradition....and a lot more. Here is an example of Klezmer Tango:

Daniel Melingo

I discovered the music of Daniel Melingo about a year ago. Wonderful stuff...the world of Tango...