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New drawings

Over the last few months I have been making a lot of drawings which frequently use collage. Here are four of them....

Festive, 2010, coloured pencil and collage on paper, 32.5 x 25 cm

Dispersal, 2010, coloured pencil and collage on paper, 32.5 x 25 cm

October (afternoon), 2010, coloured pencil on paper, 32.5 x 25 cm
Festive II, 2010, coloured pencil and collage on paper, 32.5 x 25 cm


Upcoming show - Informal Relations

Informal Relations: curated by Scott Grow
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Dec 3, 2010 – Jan 15, 2011
Patrick Alt, Chris Ashley, Patrick Berran, Kadar Brock, Matthew Deleget, Laura Fayer, Keltie Ferris, Patrick Michael Fitzgerald, Connie Goldman, Brent Hallard, Rachel Hayes, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Michael Just, Matthew Langley, Jim Lee, Rossana Martinez, Rob Nadeau, Melissa Oresky, Paul Pagk, Danielle Riede, Maximillian Rodel, Eric Sall, Susan Scott, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Jessica Snow, Henning Straßburger, Garth Weiser, Wendy White, Paige Williams, Douglas Witmer, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, John Zurier.


Through a window...

A view through the window of a Cafe in Bilbao the other day...I liked the way the plant fragmented my vision:


Things seen: Natasja Kensmil

Natasja Kensmil, Untitled, 2001, 150x120cm

The crux, experience and idea...

A partially completed drawing by Goethe included in his 1790 “Zur Morphologie”

"They arrive at Schiller's house and, still talking, Goethe enters. This is Goethe's account of the occasion: 'I explained to him with great vivacity the Metamorphosis of Plants and, with a few characteristic strokes of the pen, conjured up before his eyes a symbolical plant. He listened, and looked at it all with great interest and intelligence; but when I had ended, he shook his head saying: This has nothing to do with experience, it is an idea. I raised my eyebrows, somewhat annoyed. For he had put his finger on precisely the point which separated us. His argument from Anmut und Würde came to my mind; the old anger began to stir, but I constrained myself and replied: Well, so much the better; it means that I have ideas without knowing it, and can even see them with my eyes.' They carried on their discussion with great polemical obstinacy on each side. Goethe reports that some of Schiller's sentences made him 'quite unhappy'; for instance, the following: 'How can one ever equate experience with ideas? For an idea is characterized precisely by the fact that experience can never be fully congruous to it.' And, Goethe, in his account of the discussion, reflects that 'if he takes for an idea what for me is experience, then there must, after all, prevail some mediation, some relationship between the two'.

From The Disinherited Mind: Essays in Modern German Literature and Thought by Eric Heller.


Some Walls

Patrick Michael Fitzgerald: “New Paintings & Drawings”
October 2 – November 21, 2010

At Some Walls - a curatorial and writing art project in Oakland, California.

Peso (Verde) - 2010



A little painting (now belonging to a good friend) made over the summer: Untitled, 2010, oil on canvas, 27x22cm.


Things have been somewhat quiet here on the blog in recent weeks. Energy seems to be focused elsewhere... but it's time to continue, the need is there. A number of new paintings (and drawings) have been slowly evolving over the summer months. Here are a few fragments and details...more images will follow soon: