A view of the back side of Jeff Koons' Puppy in front of the Museum

Guggenheim on Saturday. As always disappointing. Why the big room for “learning through art” when there seems to be no space at all now for the permanent collection? Wouldn’t it be more “educational” to actually stand before real works? Juan Muñoz left me a little indifferent….though I can see why big museums like it…theatrical, commands the space well etc. Still digesting the Matthew Ritchie installation. The “Surreal things” exhibition was one big generalisation. The prevailing power in the Basque country has always had a big stake in this Museum and shady goings on there…a recent case of an accountant stealing funds…do nothing to improve the reputation of Guggenheim Bilbao. What governs the acquisitions policy gives little confidence either, in a so-called international level museum why Jesús Mari Lazcano? & Koldobika Jauregui? Dreadful. There is even talk of a new Guggenheim museum in the countryside outside of Bilbao!!

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