Six part memory

Today my very good friend and estimable artist Andrew Bick sent me images of a commision he has recently completed for a new building in London. I have posted a couple of these images here and a text by him about the piece. I look forward to seeing it myself when I visit London this summer...

Six Part Memory

Andrew Bick

This work is made of six sections of perspex box with an opalescent [milky] face and sand-blasted sides. The back support is plywood. Depending on how far away from the surface the inner elements of painted wood and perspex are, varying degrees of focus and colour intensity are achieved. The source for the piece is a small drawing that is now placed in the northern lobby entrance of the building. This drawing has been partly quoted in the structure of the piece, which then starts to take on a life of its own. Several aspects are designed so that they cannot be apprehended in a single glance, the varying tapers on the left and right edges reflect different colours on to the stone supporting wall. The shiny surface reflects details of the marble feature wall and light fittings; different conditions of daylight and artificial light penetrate the surface differently revealing less or more of the interior elements; fluorescent perspex inner surfaces pick up variations in the light spectrum; drawn diagonals and interlocking triangles and circles echo aspects of the architecture; carefully constructed systematic elements of proportion counterbalance apparently hasty scribble with marker pen… There is no single reading, viewpoint or right way to look at this piece, rather it is designed to have a contemplative function that contrasts to the busy environment in which it works. It should continue to look unexpected after repeated viewings, and its totality as an image may be almost impossible to commit to memory.

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