Cy Twombly - (updated post)

Last night I attended the opening of the big Cy Twombly exhibition at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. He is undoubtedly an important artist. Certain works were stunning, but I was tired, too many cups of coffee during the day and a few glasses of cava had put me into daze. The installation didn't convince me either and along with the crowds there, it was impossible to see things properly...still, I enjoyed chatting to a few friends before I escaped and made my way home. I will go back and see it properly soon ( I need to work out what I really think of Twombly).

01/11/08 - Thinking back to the Twombly show I feel uncomfortable with the installation. I don't know who was ultimately responsible... I have seen more more considered installations of his work in the past. Here is an image of a show called "Blooming, a scattering of Blossoms and other things" which was at the Musée d´Art Contemporain in Avignon which looks much better:

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