The consolation

The concert accordion. Joseph Petric. The Baroque: Rameau, Padre Antonio Soler and J.S. Bach. Countless times I have listened to these recordings. They are a marvel…a consolation. The accordion – its sound world is delicate and complex: the sound from an anonymous street corner somewhere in Paris or Buenos Aires yet like the organ can express a wide range of tonal depths (more intimately perhaps). Petric’s recording of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza XIII for accordion is a particular favourite, what journeys take place in that piece. Just the other day I read this in E.M. Cioran’s Notebooks 1957-1972:

“25 December - The sign that I like a fragment of music, that it addresses that which is deepest in me, is the desire I feel when I hear it, to turn out the light, if it is night or to close the shutters if it is day. As if I were listening in a tomb. I usually listen to Bach in this way. Bach, over the years, my most faithful companion”


  1. Hi Patrick Michael,

    I happened to find your blog while
    doing some tech updates on my own blog (www.josephpetric.blogspot.com)
    I hold to your words about the Bach
    Soler and Berio recordings. I have just released a Scarlatti which you can find on my site www.josephpetric.com, with a new album of concertina music a pending release..
    Kind thanks. Hoping your work goes as you wish it.
    Joseph Petric

  2. Hello Michael,

    Joseph Petric here....I happened to be doing some technical work on my blogsite and your blog and site came up. My blog is wwww.josephpetric.blogspot.com if you wish to be in touch.
    I hold to your words about the Bach, Soler and Berio recordings.
    Kind regards.