Chris Ashley at Room for painting Room for drawing

Chris Ashley has just opened a show at room for painting room for drawing in San Francisco. He is showing a beautiful group of paintings called the "blue and green paintings" Here is an installation view and the invite with press text..

For our third installation at the gallery we are showing Chris Ashley's blue and green paintings in the room for painting and Scott MacLeod's pencil drawings from 1960/62 in the room for paper. The exhibitions open on Thursday, January 8th with a reception for the artists from 5:30 to 7:30, and run through Saturday, February 7th.

Oakland based artist Chris Ashley has gained respect from art world insiders over the last few years for a unique series of HTML coded drawings he posts daily on his blog. A year's worth of prints from this online body of work was recently exhibited at David Cunningham Gallery in San Francisco. Parallel to this effort, Ashley has maintained a disciplined studio practice as an accomplished painter. Over the last three years he has been working on a formally related group of small canvases, oil and industrial metalic paint on linen, which he refers to simply as the Blue & Green Paintings. We are pleased to be able to present a representative selection from this series. A catalog of the exhibition with an essay by James Harris will be available from the gallery.

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