Via negativa...

"I think we live in a period in which we clearly cannot say what things are, we can say what things are not. The paradox in architecture resides precisely in that showing us how things are not, it shows us how things are. Only indirectly do we come to know how the world is like. In that sense, I think concepts are true in what they deny, and false in what they assert. This via negativa is a difficult one, but perhaps the only one that we can reliably travel on. That is, we cannot assert directly what things are, but we can provide some kind of Insertion, that is, something that polarizes, something that reflects, something that, in its refraction, allows us to see what the world is like. Indirectly, it could be through a dark glass…"

Yehuda Safran, from an interview with Pedro Barreto, source here.

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