The main railway station in Köln through the window of the train

Dusseldorf, Friday16th. 9.30 am train to Dusseldorf. Cold again. Hard rain. Took a taxi at Dusseldorf station to the K21 museum to meet Josephine Kelliher my gallerist from Dublin. The taxi driver had no idea where the museum was. He finally left me at the Opera House (hard rain continues). From there I walked. Once I had met Josephine at K21 we saw the Wilhelm Sasnal exhibition. I couldn’t really take it seriously. The “bad” paintings were not bad enough to be convincing. What is “bad” painting anyway? At least, I could see none of the surprises that might arise from doing things in the “wrong” way….whatever that might be! Midday: We met Christoph Wedding, one of the artists who has curated Alpha at the main entrance. A drive out to the suburbs to Pilot Projekt für Kunst to see the second part of the show there. Very nice installation. Michael Müller runs the space. He told me that that there are an estimated 10.000 artists in the Dusseldorf area. Very pleasant afternoon. Lunch with Christoph, Hannes Norberg, Josephine, Jürgen Meyer, and Michael Müller and his partner. I had potato dumplings and beef stewed in what seemed to be vinegar, raisons and beer! Later back to Cologne on an "express train" (just 20 minutes) to see Alpha at Drei Raum für Gegenwartskunst where my painting is installed. Later, two or three openings at other galleries. Here are some installation views of Alpha in both venues, images courtesy of Drei Raum für Gegenwartskunst:

Patrick Michael Fitzgerald

Sebastian Freytag & Martina Klein

Christoph Wedding, Andreas Fischer, Petra Herzog

Petra Herzog & Sebastian Freytag

Christoph Wedding

Paul Drissen

Jane Harris

Isabelle Borges & Feliz Schramm (pilot projekt für kunst e.V., Düsseldorf)

Isabelle Borges, Felix Schramm & Jürgen Meyer (pilot projekt für kunst e.V., Düsseldorf)

Lorenzo Pompa, Hannes Norberg, Isabelle Borges & Felix Schramm (pilot projekt für kunst e.V., Düsseldorf)

Complete images of the show at Drei Raum für Gegenwartskunst & Pilot Projekt für Kunst.


  1. La expo no la veo bien, me resulta confusa. tu cuadro, la maraña gris es muy bueno. Tiene una atmósfera densa y mucha profundidad, interesantes todos elementos misteriosamente enmarañados.
    De la última foto me gustan las dos piezas de la izquierda, la de los volúmenes blancos en que juegan texturas blandas y curvas y rectas y frias. La pieza de la pared se intuye interesante, es del mismo artista?, no.

  2. I yust have been scolling your new work , interesting, I the alphashow yourwork was strange, but I like your paiting since I saw it at Artbrussel
    best regards Paul Drissen