Rue Renier Chalon

Here is a video of my current exhibition of drawings (and one painting) at Guest Room in Brussels. It's not the best quality video but it gives an idea of the installation and the included works:


  1. Well, the video might be not the best quality but you are able to transmit a lot with it. You did a great job with the installation.

    For me, the space and the way that you have been working with it, seems to be a window to a very intimate ( personal ) space where you save your most delicate treasures.



  2. Glad to see this. Congratulations, Patrick, this show looks very strong. I'm very curious about the different heights at which pieces are hung. It makes the overall space very dynamic. It's quite different from how shows are normally hung. I would think that it engages the viewer even more in looking at each piece, the image and space in each piece, and to encounter each individually, but also as part of an overall whole, the installation. I like this aspect very much.

  3. Thank you Fernando, Chris... I'm not sure if one can notice in the video but the drawings are hanging on a simple horizontal, rectangular wall drawing. This method seems to work well in certain installations and stops the drawings from looking "lost" on the wall.

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  5. Ah, of course, on second look I can see the lines. You've done this before- I think it's effective. I also just looked at the images of the works on the Guest Room site - http://stock.guestroom.be/- lots of good stuff.