Getting lost in the whole!

Browsing an earlier publication on my work from 2000 I came across these lines from a conversation with Andrew Bick, still equally relevant regarding my recent work:

AB: Drawing or painting, object or image, do these things matter, if so how?

PF: Objects in themselves tend to get lost in the world of things, the image (or I prefer to say the space of painting) tends to get lost in itself. This getting lost in itself is what interests me though it is dependent on the physical qualities of painting. There is no hierarchical structure in my work, I mean, for example drawing and works on paper are an integral part of a whole and have an equal value to the large paintings. As you know there are essential elements of drawing in the paintings and aspects of painting in the drawings, in fact I find it problematic to create two apparent aspects to my work, when in reality they are different parts of a whole…

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