A strange idea: the past and future in my work don’t really exist. Chronology doesn’t exist. Everything I have made only exists in the sphere of an eternal present (which is not even a “present” as there is no past or future to give it logical sense) – The temporal space in which my work has been made could be seen as a kind of zone. The works I made five years ago were not in reality made in the past but are being made “over there” in a certain area of the zone…in another area the works of ten years ago are coming into being. In a dark mysterious area the works of the future are already emerging. A bright agitated area is the location of works being made now. The surface of this zone is not stable….it’s almost liquid. The different areas mutate as they move and slide slowly over this surface and in some cases merge into each other; thus transforming the different areas and how they are perceived in the zone.

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