Things seen - Robyn Denny

Recently, when I was in London, my friend and fellow artist Andrew Bick took me along to an opening of a group show called Supersurface curated by Michael Stubb at Laurent Delaye Gallery at 11 Savile Row . When we walked into the gallery space I immediately noticed a terrific painting by Robyn Denny from 1959. It still looked fresh and commanding, and though one cannot appreciate at all just how good this painting is in reproduction, here it is, as a invitation to look at more work by this painter:

Place 3, 1959, oil on canvas, 213.4 x 183 cm

And another painting from 1959:

Concentration 6, 1959, oil on canvas, 244 x 198 cm

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  1. Muy interesante trabajo. Está bien tener espejo retrovisor.

    Espero que vaya bien, seguro, tanto la pintura como la cocina.
    Saludos, AH

  2. hey great to see this on your blog. There are so many artists coming to see Robyn Denny's work, it's striking how they see it ripe, fresh, present to their own practice, despite the fact that these works where painted in the 50s'. I would have loved to meet you when you came to see the show 'Superfurface', but i was not there unfortunately. just for the sake of precise information, the gallery is now called Laurent Delaye Gallery and is on 11 Savile Row, London WS 3PG. you'll find all info on the show at www.laurentdelaye.com

  3. Laurent Delaye, thanks for your message. I have updated and corrected the info regarding this show.
    I enjoyed the whole exhibition...I liked the inter-generational connections and the choice of works very much, hope it goes well and gets the response it deserves!

    Best wishes from Mallorca,